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Amazon Kindle Best Seller (Top 50 Kindle Baseball Books, Feb. 2013)     Softcover coming Opening Day 2014!



Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues shares the most gut-splitting and jaw-dropping stories from minor league baseball, as told by over 20 professional broadcasters from around the nation!  Hear about superstar names - such as Michael Jordan, Tommy Lasorda, Josh Hamilton and David Ortiz - as well as countless others who have been part of some of the most amazing baseball moments, both on and off the field!


Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues is a unique minor league baseball book that documents dozens of unbelievable baseball moments from around the country.

Baseball fans have always wanted to know what really goes on behind the scenes.  They've always wished to travel with the team and witness the circus-like atmosphere that often describes minor league baseball.  Fans have needed a place to turn to read about so many of these untold tales. 


Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues gives readers a firsthand account of some of the most eye-popping minor league baseball moments, from the broadcasters who were there firsthand.  Truly a collector's item for baseball fans of all ages!


Listen as Rick discusses the book below....



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Reviews on Amazon...

"I recommend this ebook to all baseball lovers. The stories are short, unsophisticated, easy to read and touching.  Good book to have for traveling since the stories are short. Makes me love the minor leagues more."



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"A Renegade Championship Summer"


Featuring Texas Rangers MVP Josh Hamilton, Atlanta Braves outfielder Matt Diaz, former Marlins infielder Jorge Cantu, and many, many more!


See what Minor League Baseball is REALLY like.  Come for the ride with the 1999 New York Penn League Champion Hudson Valley Renegades.  See how number one pick Josh Hamilton impacted the team.  (Yes, you'll see he is a good guy!)

Come onto the team bus and into the clubhouse and dugout.  See what the players talk about away from the bright lights.


Ever wonder what it is like to travel with a minor league baseball team?  For some this is a dream, and you can live this dream without leaving your couch!  Read about many players you've heard of, and some who are in the big leagues right now.

Makes a great gift, safe for kids.

Print copies extremely limited and won't last.  Get your collector's item today.  90 pages, spiral-bound with pictures.


What kind of sandwich does future American League MVP Josh Hamilton eat before every game? 

How did the team avoid disaster with an oncoming train?

What the heck is the "Tidbit of the Day"?

Do players like fans or newspaper writers?

Answers to these questions and many more in A Renegade Championship Summer!

Order Now! A Renegade Championship Summer $14.95 - FREE SHIPPING!


What the "critics" say about A Renegade Championship Summer


"I've been in professional baseball for three years, and I've never seen the true day-to-day feeling of the game caught the way Rick has in A Renegade Championship Summer." - John Gilbert, Director of Group Sales, Norwich Navigators, 2000


"Rick won't hesitate to inform his listeners on what is going on, good or bad.  What you read in this book, you can be assured it is a true and precise account of the most exciting chapter in Renegades history.  Announcing Renegades games with Rick Schultz was the most fun I ever had in broadcasting and I feel honored that he asked me to write the foreword to his book.  He also promised me a free copy of this literary masterpiece so it was an offer I couldn't refuse.  I am sure you will enjoy an inside look at the Renegades 1999 New York-Penn League World Championship." - Bill Rogan, Sports Director, KNUS Radio, Denver, CO

Order Now! A Renegade Championship Summer $14.95 - FREE SHIPPING!



Order Now! A Renegade Championship Summer $14.95 - FREE SHIPPING!

 Hudson Valley Renegades Bloopers & Memorable Moments CD

Hear from Jay Payton, Mark Little, Mookie Wilson, Mike Venafro, Scott Podsednik, Tony Gwynn and more! 

Also including Bump Wills, Wahconah Park, Toby Hall, Dan Wheeler, Matt White and more!

Join broadcasters Rick Schultz and Bill Rogan, 1994-1999

80 Minute CD, Collector's Item and Great Gift!

Bloopers and Memorable Moments CD. Get the collector's item today! $9.95 - FREE SHIPPING!